Meet Wanda

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As your photographer, I want to get to know you so that I can best tell your unique story.  Helping you to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful is always my priority.  I seek to capture honest/ candid/ real moments and emotions.  When necessary, I will help to draw them from you.  I want our time together to be spent not only preserving those moments through photography but also strengthening your relationships, with yourself and those that you love.  When I pack up my camera at the end of the day, I want you to already be so satisfied with the experience you had that the photographs become secondary… though, you know, kinda awesome too!

Here are a few random things about me:

  • I prefer my beers not too hoppy, my wine red, and my tea in many flavors
  • I am obsessed with Coffee I currently own 3 different coffeemakers
  • I’m vegetarian
  • I am a certified snacker,  I adore tapas and any type of hors Doeuvre  for that matter
  • I enjoy painting with my kids on Sunday afternoons
  • I much prefer thrift and consignment shops to malls, I never really learned the Fine art of shopping.
  • Sitting on the beach at sunset with my husband on a warm night is my idea of romance
  • Count on being hugged at some point soon after we meet

I am the oldest of 3 children and grew up in North Philly.   Growing up I knew I was ‘different’ , when I was 21 I found out that I my late father adopted, it was then that I realized my WHY for photography. I needed a medium to document MY history. I learned from that point to  dance to the music within and learned to follow my own heart wherever it took me.  For better or worse, I wear that heart on my sleeve.

I share my life & home with my husband, Fred and our 2 amazing children Madeline and Cristian for whom this business is named MadCris Images. We have 2 pets Pumpkin Patches Fernandez, Patches for short and Rosie Cat. They are our entertainment for sure.



  1. Love to learn more about your business and areas of specialty.